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Magic Island

Having survived a shipwreck of the family yacht in the South Pacific, well-to-do Californian, Patricia Gregory searches for her lost daughter, Joan who was one year old at the time of the wreck, and who survived because she had been fastened to a lifeboat which drifted onto a mysterious and fantastical island populated by menacing, scientifically advanced people.

The serial begins on the premise that it is 14 years after the wreck when Patricia traces her daughter's whereabouts, to Euclidia, an island of magical powers where they lovingly reunite with each other. Episodes follow the mother and daughter duo through many dangerous adventures trying to figure out how to escape the colony of insane scientists, and to help rescue those held prisoner there.

The show premiered on Sept. 29, 1935 and aired is final chapter on Sept. 18, 1939.

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